5 Useful Tips for Your Juicy Curves (and No Curves as well)

5 Useful Tips for Your Juicy Curves (and No Curves as well)

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As we see more and more curvy models, we encourage our readers to follow top fashion trend to be more and more amazing!

Size diversity is something we all celebrate. And our readers demand more information and tips! However, all our tips are good for all kind of shapes and frames.

Here we are, ready to give you the latest tips and tricks to dress your curves. We see the empowering process and we are ready to look just like the models. So, what do we need to do to find our best style?

Find the right balance between fitted and tight

Feel the difference between a dress that fits your body nicely and being squeezed up in a dress. How do you know it is too tight? Have you noticed there are some people who do not feel that it is (but we can always feel that from the side).

The trick is: check if you can see any undergarments through the dress. If not – you are good! If yes – it’s too tight, change your clothes!

Get a shapewear arsenal

Every woman needs a little bit of smoothing and support from time to time. Smoothing in the hips and tummy can make us look more polished and refines in our clothes. The must-have piece for every woman is a body briefer.

Do not wear leggings as pants

Too much personal information is revealed on the streets because of this trend. Please, try to digest this: leggings are not pants. Unless you are in the gym or exercising at home. Although, you can wear them underneath clothing.

Jeggins are different though, you can wear them as pants as they are more thick and they do hide what needs to be hidden (like the color of your underwear).

Get the right shoes

Pay attention to the line of your shoes. Stay away from straps around the ankles as they usually make legs look shorter. Choose a classic pump in a neutral for the cleanest line and longest legs.

Go shopping if any weight changes

Invest in the essential pieces if you lose or gain a few pounds. The sector of success is to wear clothes that fit. This way you can feel you look your very best at every size.

Make sure your bag is the right size

A bag needs to be proportioned to your body. Too small bag makes you look bigger.

Tailor your clothing

A good tailor is a secret weapon. Most shopping malls offer tailoring services. Try this strategy once and you will see that wearing clothes that fit properly can make the difference.


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