7 Rules of Investing

7 Rules of Investing

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Let’s start 2022 with something practical!

A novice investor should be guided by the principles and rules of investment when making decisions. This is the basic logic of investment activity. And the rules are a set of actions in the investment market. Here are our 7 easy to follow rules to start investing today:

  1. When choosing an investment object, study the market consistently and methodically. There are a lot of instruments, and in order to receive a stable income and avoid significant risks, you need to cooperate with trusted counterparties.
  2. There are numerous funds, exchanges, qualified investors that you can trust. If you are worried about the safety of your funds, do not invest in dubious and adventurous enterprises, avoid high-risk transactions at first.
  3. Create a safety fund: buy a low-risk asset that will bring low profit, but is practically guaranteed not to depreciate or “burn out” due to manipulation by financial market players.
  4. Consult with experts. Examining the entire market alone is very problematic. Having the information and opinions of several experts, you can develop your own investment strategy, diversify your investment portfolio.
  5. Calculate the amount of income you need. Based on this, you will be able to think over an investment plan, investment volumes and the required tools that will bring the required percentage of income.
  6. Remember, you cannot invest borrowed funds, the funds of which you do not own, as well as your last savings. Also, you should never invest in anything if you are persuaded or forced to do so.
  7. Perhaps the most popular and most basic of the investment rules is the so-called diversification. Simply put, this is a ban on investing in only one asset. Never keep all funds in one asset, as people say, you cannot store all eggs in one place.


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