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While fitness clubs are closed and it’s impossible to work out outdoors, people switch to home workouts. We tell you how to find time for sports, where to start and how to monitor the load and health. And also – how not to get bored in the process and not to give up classes.

The advantage of training at home is that they have enough desire and free space. But it is worth observing several rules in order not to risk health and to receive benefit and pleasure from classes.


Rule number 1: set goals and pick up the load

Try to honestly answer your question, why do you need training. The load, training plan and attitude depend on this. Some are going to normalize their weight, others are to quarantine and run a marathon, while others want to move in order to maintain their shape and good mood.

Rule number 2: make a schedule

Sport takes time. It is difficult to set aside a free hour for classes – there is a temptation to find things more important than training.

Rule number 3: pick up programs and equipment

If there is no ready-made individual program and personal trainer, you can use mobile applications for sports. The smartphone will offer a training plan and video instructions, as well as select a playlist for classes and make a useful menu.

Rule number 4: listen to the body

During training without an instructor, monitor your well-being to understand when to pause. This is important for beginners and those who start classes after a long break. In such cases, fatigue after training, aching muscles and joints are a normal consequence of training. To get started, try lowering your training intensity or choosing other exercises.

Rule number 5: include warm-up and cool down

Before classes you need to warm up your body, after the active part you need some cool down. As simple as that!  You can do practically any movements for both of them or choose lightweight exercise options from the main program.

Rule number 6: drink water

One of the reasons for feeling unwell during exercise is dehydration. Together with the sweat, the body loses electrolytes – minerals that maintain the body’s fluid balance and regulate blood pressure. Dehydration causes muscle cramps, dizziness, and fatigue.

Rule number 7: diversify

Be prepared for the fact that over time, training will not be as fun as at the start. Even in the gym with a trainer, it’s sometimes boring to work out the same exercises. Give it a change! When the lockdown is over join a gym!

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