After-Christmas Shopping Tips

After-Christmas Shopping Tips

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Here we are again ready to shop for discounted product right after Christmas!

And here are our recommended sellers, some are socially acitve and sustainable, some are just big brands.

A universal option is to buy something from Alphamart where you can find literally everything from pation furniture to exercise bike! Our advice would be checking the Outdoor section for tents, umbrellas and portable chairs as local travel is still going to be the most popular type of entertainment.

Whatever retailer you choose, rememeber, in many countries people exchange gifts on New Year’s day as well! Why not celebrate with you friends and family more and extend this fairy-like feeling?

Social Stories Club

We will start with our favorite brand as not only we love to unpack the boxes, but also we love to get meaningful presents. This box is full of products that actually matter, and by buying one you help social causes and small business. Go to their website and check more information on every product in a pack.

Name Stories

If you are thinking of getting your friends or family members a New Year card, this might be a nicer alternative. It is fun and special, especially great for kids, so they can learn that their name actually means something.


Another shop collaborating with charities and socially active organisations. They care about their productions and they regulary support communities and give back to our society. Read more on their website in Our Positive Impact section. Otherwise, they sell fashionable jewellery and accessories!

& Other Stories

Our next shop features a whole category ‘sustainably sourced materials’ where you can find items made of recycled materials. Look how gorgeous they are! Moreover, it’s After Christmas sale time 😉


This seller advocates for civil and human rights, they support multiple organisations involved in humanitarian and disaster relief work. They fight for  racial and ethnic  equality, and help people with disabilities and those who experience inequity due to their sex/gender orientation. Moreover, this time of their year they sell products with 50 percent off!


This is a luxirious shop with items from 800 most popular designer brands, including Prada, Gucci and  Saint Laurent. For their after Christmas sale they offer up to 70 percent off! Check out their chosen styles for the biggest party of the year 🙂


If you are into sports, or your lover who has a birthday in January, now is perfect moment for purchasing a decent pair of sneakers! Why not? By the way you can find some items produced from the sustainable materials.


This company follows ‘lean engineering’ approach trying to design more effective appliances that use as little recourses as possible. They support educational initiatives encouraging learning and creativity in children for the better future in the world! You can buy stat-of-the-art cavuum cleaners. hair care products, fans and heaters. Here is our favorite item – humidifier (it also purifies the air at home):


And finally let’s not foget about our skin! This shop has Vegan section in case you were thinking what to give to your healthy friend. Moreover, most of the items now are on sale! So, what a temptation 🙂 Treat yourself or buy for someone else!

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