Art Challenge 10 – Week 1: Left Hand

Art Challenge 10 – Week 1: Left Hand

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Art Challenge 10
July 1st – September 11th
Crème de la crème
Week 1: Left Hand

So, here we are with our first task!
We chose this challenge as one of the best. The point is to draw something with your non-dominant hand. For many of us it would be left hand. For some – right. Just choose the hand you are least comfortable with.

One more way to do this challenge is Left vs Right hand. Draw the same object twice with your both hands.

“Researcher and professionals that started researching about brains since 1930 believe that left brain is a rational brain, which is tightly related with the IO, rational thinking, arithmetic thinking, verbal, segmental, focus, serial (linier), finding the differences, and time management, Meanwhile right brain is the part of brain that controlled emotional thinking, which is tightly related to EQ, intuitive character, spatial thinking, visual, holistic, diffuse, parallel thinking (lateral), finding the similarities and not depending on the time.”

Journal of Education and Practice, 2016

We believe this task can help you get more creative and develop both parts of your brain!
You are more than welcome to use our tag #artchallenge10_creme or #artchallenge10 to let us see you masterpiece on Instagram. We will share your outstanding work 😁❤️

It’s been a difficult year (again). So, let’s blow off steam by drawing, sketching and creating.

P.S. Here is a video to check:

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