Art Challenge 10: Week 6

Art Challenge 10: Week 6

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Art Challenge 10

Week #6: August 16 – August 23


Our next challenge: nature.

We are already half way through our marathon! And some of us didn’t even have a chance to draw/sketch yet.
This week might be the easiest… Do not forget that we are also about the future. If you wish, you may touch the environmental issues here. What the nature of 2021 is going to be like?
We really do hope for a better future to come next year.
We would like to highlight the fact that to create art you may need to use…NATURE! So, the artists literally use nature to create nature, here we mean the mediums every artist is likely to use: charcoal, graphite pencil, water, pigments…
Consider nature drawing – go outside and draw, sketch, paint whatever you find in nature!Here is a couple of videos to study:

Nature scenery drawing for beginners / easy and step by step

Simple Watercolour Landscape Painting Using Only One Brush!

Are you going to create a landscape? We cannot wait 😍

Please, share your artworks with us by tagging #artchallenge10_re or messaging! 😇
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