Art Challenge 3: JulyFae

Art Challenge 3: JulyFae

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Art Challenge 10
Week 3: JulyFae

Our third week challenge is JulyFae.

It might be also called JuneFae (but we already had Junicorn😉).

Draw a fairy every now and then (there is no need to do it everyday, just draw & post whenever you can, you got this!).
By the way you can go for all things Fae: Fairies, Pixies, Hobgoblins, etc.

Look at these beautiful works by the most famous Victorian Fairy Painting representatives:

John Atkinson GrimshawIris

And Richard DaddThe Fairy Feller’s Master-Stroke

By the way, the life of Richard Dadd deserves a horror movie (or a good drama movie). Were all the great artists mad? Check it out, we will not spoil it!

Some people do not enjoy drawing bodies and faces, so here is an idea – create a beautiful fairy’s house:

You are more than welcome to use our tag #artchallenge10_creme or #artchallenge10 to let us see you masterpiece. We will share your outstanding work here 😁❤️


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