Art Challenge 5: Sketchtember

Art Challenge 5: Sketchtember

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Art Challenge 10
July 1st – September 11th
Week 5: Sketchtember

Sketchtember was inspired by another challenge – Inktober. Usually, it takes the whole month of September. We will only spend one week sketching. And if you can, do it everyday during the week😁

Here is a series of videos on sketching for beginners (check other episodes on learning how to see and simplifying the objects):

Learn to Draw

And here is ‘Learn to sketch in 30 days’:

So, go ahead and sketch! It can be anything ☺️ Practice makes perfect!

You are more than welcome to use our tag #artchallenge10_creme or #artchallenge10 to let us see you masterpiece. We will share your outstanding work here 😁❤️

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