Art Challenge: Week 2

Art Challenge: Week 2

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Art Challenge 10
Week #2
July 19 – July 26

We are happy to receive the cakes and ready to start our next challenge: skyline.
Many of us are in the cities and some of us are very tired of such confined space. Or let’s say of our own confined spaces, although we are dreaming of visiting new ones asap!

Let’s imagine a skyline.
Where would you like to head in 2021?
Draw/Sketch/Paint it!

Here is an inspiring travel sketch video of Ljubljana, Slovenia (forward to 0:40):

For absolute beginners, here is this Chicago skyline quick sketch:

See what we have got on Instagram here:

Do you feel like drawing something more futuristic and unreal? You are free to do whatever it takes to express your idea.
Please, share your artworks with us by tagging #artchallenge10_re or messaging!


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