Best Thanksgiving Movies

Best Thanksgiving Movies

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Happy Thanksgiving!

There are many holidays in the world, but there are those that are known to the whole world, because. they have a special energy of positive and unity of people. A selection of films will tell about one of the most sincere holidays – the American Thanksgiving Day. See, it will be interesting!

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Drama, Comedy USA

93 min.

Nick Page is an elderly man from the United States. He works as a marketer in New York and earns a lot of money, achieving serious career success. One day he goes to Chicago to spend Thanksgiving with his family and meet relatives after a long separation. He boards the plane, but there are problems in flight due to the incompetence of the pilots. The journey soon stretches for several days, and the main character meets a new friend – a cheerful street vendor Del Griffith, always ready …

Remember that books are the same as movies only better 🙂

Miracle on 34th Street

Fantasy, Family

114 min.

On the eve of Christmas, all children are looking forward to Santa Claus and make their most cherished wishes, sincerely hoping that the good wizard will fulfill them. But a six-year-old girl named Susie does not believe in miracles – her mother told her the truth a long time ago that Santa Claus does not exist. However, the girl’s mother does not suspect that she is wrong. Santa Claus really exists, and this Christmas he works in the toy department at the Cole supermarket, where he was invited to work.


Romance, Musical, Family, Drama, Adventure, Animation

81 min.

Cartoon The daughter of an Indian chief, Pocahontas, lives with her tribe in the untouched forests of America, which the Europeans have not yet conquered. She is friends with animals and is in complete harmony with nature, but one day she has a prophetic dream that predicts changes in her life. Soon a ship with insidious pale-faced people arrives on these lands, who are going to capture America, subjugate the Indian tribes and find the gold buried here. The ship’s crew is led by the brave Captain John Smith.

Scent of a Woman


156 min.

Frank Slade is a retired lieutenant colonel in the US Army. He is completely blind in both eyes. Frank is going to New York for Thanksgiving and doing it at the highest level – a limousine, a luxury hotel, beautiful women and expensive alcohol. But his family hires college student Charlie Simms to pay for a trip home for Christmas. He has to take care of Frank.

Addams Family Values

Fantasy, Comedy

94 min.

In the Addams family, replenishment: Morticia gave her husband Gomez a third child – the boy Pubert. To care for the baby, the family hires a nanny, Debbie Jellinsky, a pretty woman who won their trust at first sight. Soon after appearing at the Addams Manor, Debbie becomes the object of sympathy for Uncle Fester, and he even begins to think about starting a relationship with her. And only the children of Wednesday and Pugsley suspect that their little brother’s nanny is not a nice lady at all.

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

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