Color Trend Predictions for 2024-2025

Color Trend Predictions for 2024-2025

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Fashion designers have to think about color trends up front.

We as customers don’t have to.

However, if you do own some old items of these colors, think twice before getting rid of them as soon they maybe super trendy. It also would be advantageous to buy something having this predictions in mind.

Think about Beauty, Fashion, Consumer Tech and Interior. So, let us see what ideas are there:

Intense Rust

warm reddish-brown color  that inspires feelings of stability. We love this color. It reminds of how chocolate, milk coffee and toffee. It is a rich and earthy hue that can create a cozy and inviting atmosphere in any room.

We can easily imagine this color everywhere around the house, but also there are clothing and underwear items! Let’s see some examples of using the rust-colored:


Belle-Lingerie suggests quite a choice of underwear in this warm hue. You may prefer burnt orange color even though it is not exactly what is predicted for 2025.


Alexandre Birman store offers exactly the color we were looking for! The style of these shoes is fabulous. You can wear this hue in winter, autumn and summer (there are high heals and sandals as well).


Fantastic choice of stylish bags at Coggles! Consider pairing the bag with the same color shoes for a classy look.


You can find plenty of intense-rust-colored home decor items, such as blankets, pillows, throws, curtains and table cloths. Here are some examples from Aliexpress (one of the most budget ways to stay up-to-date):


Don’t forget about adding a bit of chocolate and warm brownish hues to your everyday make-up. Here are some options from ItCosmetics.

Cool Matcha

is a green pastel  hue with a soothing and calm quality. It emphasizes recyclability and usefulness. This color affirms the continued significance of neutrals and more environmentally friendly colors.


They say one of the trends 2023 is military. So, if you buy something of this, make sure the color is a bit washed pastel green, so that you could wear it a couple more seasons and stay stylish.

Here are the examples of matcha-colored military jackets by AlphaIndustries.


It is not only about the color. Matcha is practically green tea. Make sure your cream, scrub and other products contain natural ingredients and herbal extracts. There are brands dedicated specially for men’s skin. For instance, these products by Lumin contain green tea extract to brighten and refresh your skin:


One of the most popular green tea products are facial masks, here is one by FOREO brand:


Plenty of clothes of different hues of green you can find at Halara:


Bags of matcha color you can find on BAGINC. There are many more hues and plenty of shapes. But all of them are super trendy!


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