Color Trends 2021

Color Trends 2021

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What colors are in this spring and summer?

Let’s take a dive into the upcoming trending colors this year! We are going to provide you with a few ideas to update your wardrobe this spring.

Mellow Yellow

Different shades of yellow, preferable not too intense. Check out this gorgeous cozy yellow dress from Berry Look. It especially suits curvy women!

Bubblegum Pink

Baby pink hue is going to be even more popular. Consider buying items in neon or a more pastel color. Here are some inspirational items from Zaful:

Tangerine Orange

Another popular juicy hue this season. Look at these gorgeous from TideBuy:

Tennisball Green

Our favorite ever color: green. We love all shades of green but this season lime or tennisball hue is in. Here are some stunning dresses you can rent from Glam Corner:

Purple Shades

Purple is also in, especially a bit darker magenta-like hues. Another tip: if your budget is a bit tight for fancier options, you can always find some stylish and affordable items on such websites as Banggood:

Experiment! If you have never tried any of these colors, it’s a good reason to get this new experience!


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