Did you get your perfect eyewear?

Did you get your perfect eyewear?

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What to look at when choosing a decent pair of glasses?

Here we are to give you several useful pieces of advice!

Consider your personality and  lifestyle

You may need to wear glasses to correct your myopia (or any other) condition or for fashion purposes. In any case it is important to think about making it comfortable to wear the glasses everyday. If you lead an active life, you will need to purchase glassed made of durable materials. Make sure they “sit” well on your face.

Moreover, wearing eyeglasses is another way to express yourself. Are you fun and outgoing? Maybe you will go for some extravagant frames? Have another pair for work (or any other serious) situation.

Not sure what frame is the best? If you can, use free trial option and experiment at home with multiple frames.

For instance, an eyewear shop GlassesDirect does provide this option (this shop has many other promotions, check them out in Offers section):

You are one of our US readers? Do not worry, we got you covered! Here is a wonderful website LiingoEyewear suggesting the same trial service:

Face Shape

There are tons of website saying what kind of glasses are better for this or that shape.

We will give you a simple rule of thumb: whatever shape of your face is, choose the frames of a different shape!

So, if you have a square face, choose some frames without angles (oval or round). And the opposite: if your face is oval or round choose rectangular or square-shaped glasses. By the way, one of the most universal shapes is aviator!

Skin Color

You may have never thought about it before. But if your skin is warm-tones, then frames of neutral tones will suit you better. If you have a coller complexion, go for jewel tone colors.

Hair Color

Surprisingly the color of your natural or artificial hair can be an essential factors when choosing your eyeglass frame colour and tone.

  • Warm tones are golden  blond, brown, dirty gray, pink and red.
  • Cool tones are strawberry blond, platinum,  blue-black, ash brown and auburn.

Having determined your skin and hair tones, you can then choose frame colours than complement or contrast them.

Many sellers such as Zenni Opticals suggest some guides and tools to choose the best frames based on your facial features and favorite colors:

One more tool from another shop: GlassesUSA. Here you can try on different shapes virtually. Moreover, they sell contact lenses, too!

Your eye condition matters!

Do not forget to go through a regular check up before buying a new pair of glasses to make sure your vision is the same as it used to be. Even if you have never had any problems, it is a good idea to check your vision once in a while.

Turn Your Prescription Glasses into Sunglasses

How? Get a pair of glasses with photochromic lenses. They are coated with special molecules (silver chloride) that absorb light when exposed to UV rays. This causes them to darken in sunlight.

Some shops, such as GlassesShop suggests a wide selection of photochromic lenses:

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