Easy DIY Halloween Costumes 2021

Easy DIY Halloween Costumes 2021

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Here we are again waiting for Halloween.

This year was scary, wasn’t it? Maybe just a bit less scary than 2020.

We don’t know how serious you are about celebrating Halloween. However, we want to recommend thinking about your potential costume well before the event.

And now it is the proper time to decide if you want to get a decent (and spooky) costume from one of many shops for about 100$ (which is quite a reasonable price).

For instance, Urban Outfitters suggest many interesting pieces and accessories for the upcoming holiday. By the way, even if you decide saving up some cash on a costume, why not buy a set of tarot cards to set a nice ghosty atmosphere for yourself and your guests?


So, our first easy DIY idea suggestion for halloween is

La Catrina / Sugar Skull Girl

In case you don’t want to waste money on meaningless costumes, but you still do want to buy something special, how about buying something you can actually wear on a regular non-Halloween day? For those of you like oriental and summer motifs, buying a floral printed dress or shirt might be a nice option. You can easily turn your new piece into a Sugar Skull Girl/Boy costume by applying some dramatic make-up on your face:

For instance, you can buy some dramatic print dresses on Showpo, the Australian leading global fashion company focused on the next generation of young women:

And here on Hallenstein Brothers you can buy a decent floral male shirt. They ship internationally:


One thing you will need though is make-up. However, if you do not have this kind of white face and body paint, don’t worry! It is easy to get it in any big supermarket. Moreover, you can create a great Day of the Dead face using just black eye shadows and a pencil! Here is a video to watch (you can practically do the same with shadows and a pencil and still have a decent spooky effect!):


This is an easy one. You, your child or even your pet can easily transform into a scary monster by throwing an old white sheet on. Do you have one? Just cut out the holes for eyes and your costume is done! Is that original? No. But it will save you some time and money 🙂

Here is how your dog would look like. But maybe only for a quick photoshoot. Does it worth it though?


Oh, yeah, another easy and quick transformation, especially if you have a broom. Anyways, one thing that you will need is a hat. And it is quite possible to make a hat using paper and black paint. Although it is much easier to buy one for under 10$ 🙂

Wear something dark and use black eye liner or shadows to create a scary look.


And another one great for boys. It doesn’t have to be a proper costume. Whatever you wear will do. However you will need a proper clown make-up kit. Just tousle your hair (or your child’s hair) and you are good to go!

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