Flower Superstitions and Traditions

Flower Superstitions and Traditions

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Flowers create comfort and cozy atmosphere at home

Caring for them is a good hobby that calms our nerves. However, before buying a new plant, you should learn about the signs associated with it. In some countries, for example, in Japan or China, people carefully select indoor plants for their homes. It is believed that not every “green neighbor” benefits people.

Let’s look into some of the superstitions connected with flowers at home.

If a flower withers away

Many people think that if the plant has dried up, then there is a lot of negativity in the house. Although, most likely, it saved you or your relatives from illness. Such a flower is worth thanking and burying on the street.

The stolen flower grows better

A fairly common theory is that a flower or shoot that you took “without permission” will take root better than the one you bought. Most likely, this is due to the fact that just some varieties of plants were too expensive and not everyone could afford them. But in return, it is customary to leave a coin to the mother flower as a coin of gratitude.

Unexpected bloom

If your “summer” flower suddenly bloomed in winter, this is fortunate. For example, the flowering of a fat woman, or a money tree, speaks of strengthening the financial situation. However, some argue that such a sharp flowering of any flower means the evil eye. But can there be anything bad in bright beautiful flowers?

You can not give plants in pots

A few decades ago, giving a flower in a pot was a bad omen, for several reasons. Most often, the pot was associated with raw earth, which could attract death. Moreover, it is believed that a flower presented in a pot transfers the problems of the old owner to the new one, as it confuses them. A coin given in return will help to avoid this. So the flower will think that it was bought, which means that the owner has changed.

Indoor plants that bring good luck, money, happiness to the house

Ficus Benjamina = Weeping Fig

Any ficus is good, they are sure in Asian countries, where these unpretentious beauties come from. But Benjamin’s ficus is especially appreciated. In China, for example, to receive a ficus of Benjamin as a gift is to immediately acquire a good friend, because it is believed that the person who gave this plant sincerely wishes the owner long years, good luck and prosperity.


These plants are recommended to those who have a restless soul. Delicate violets give confidence and peace, especially white ones. In general, violets are recommended to be brought into a house where quarrels often occur, because this is a flower of peace. And also – a symbol of fidelity, so a woman who wants to keep her husband’s love can grow a violet on the windowsill to be sure of her soulmate.

Zamioculcas = Jade plant or Dollar tree

This native of tropical Africa with beautiful oblong leaves brings good luck, prosperity and wealth to its owners. It is recommended to put it in offices, especially in the offices of financial directors. This plant not only effectively cleans the air, but also captures harmful radiation from the computer. That is, it really improves the atmosphere. And where there is health, there is luck and well-being.


Bamboo symbolizes career growth: the faster it grows, the better your career progresses. Put it on your desktop.

It is difficult to say what is worth believing and what is not. Perhaps the dried leaves of your pet appeared only because you forgot to water it for a whole week? Often people explain various life troubles with all sorts of signs and superstitions.

Let us talk seriously about this matter.

Can you trust the superstitions associated with indoor plants?

We can only talk about scientific data. For example, some plants are indeed able to purify indoor air. And as for attracting love, wealth and good luck – all this has not been proven. On the other hand, if you strongly believe in something, strive for it, then everything will work out. And plants will help to find peace of mind.

Is it worth it to arrange plants according to feng shui?

There is no scientific evidence that feng shui placement of plants can affect your life in any way. But a competent combination of plants, the right choice for the conditions of the apartment and interior, of course, can affect your life: they will require less maintenance, they will delight you with their appearance and bring you joy.

What plants should not be planted at home?

First of all, you need to take into account the conditions: if the windows face north, then in such an apartment there is no place for light-loving plants. And you should not grow poisonous plants if there are children and pets at home. The most dangerous among them are dieffenbachia, agloanema, monstera, philodendrons, poinsettia, codiaum and akalifa.

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