Halloween 2022 Ideas

Halloween 2022 Ideas

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Here are some useful ideas and tips to check out before the holiday!

Halloween is just around the corner and you haven’t figured out how to decorate your house yet? We have selected some interesting decor ideas, the props for which you can easily find in your closet. And you don’t even have to go to the store 🙂

Spooky garland

Making such a garland is easy: you will need a pack of gauze (you can buy it at a pharmacy), twine, thread with a needle and black beads. From small patches of fabric, form the silhouettes of ghosts, sew on their eyes and fasten them to the twine. Ready!

Home terrarium

Toy frogs and bugs are great for creating a makeshift terrarium: place them in ordinary twist jars and add branches and moss.

Scary candlesticks

Do not throw away used glass jars of baby purees, sauces and jams. Paint them inside with orange acrylic paint, then twist them from the fastening wire. The final and main touch is the silhouettes of black paper faces. After the holiday, the stickers can be removed and the candlesticks can continue to be used.

Gauze web

Muted light, mystical music, cobwebs hanging from above – if you want to create such an atmosphere, stock up on gauze: you need to tear it and fix it on the ceiling.

Black and white pumpkins

Acrylic paint can be applied by hand or with a stencil – both options are good. You can paint anything you want!

Soap with bugs

Guests will definitely appreciate this joke: you will need plastic or rubber insect figures and a transparent soap base.

Mummy pumpkin

An option for those who are preparing for the holiday at the last minute. Nothing needs to be painted or cut – just wrap the pumpkin with gauze like a mummy. Don’t forget to glue the black paper eye sockets. And keep the pumpkin away from the candles.

Living items

For especially suspicious guests, prepare your eyes for furniture, flowers and lamps. It looks funny, and you can buy them in almost any sewing store.

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