Holiday Alert: Get Creative for Halloween 2020

Holiday Alert: Get Creative for Halloween 2020

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You don’t have to cancel your festive plans this Halloween season 2020. But you may need to slightly change the way you celebrate it!

Here are some things to remember:

  • Halloween costume and mask do not substitute a regular mask. Don’t forget you still need to cover your mouth and nose!
  • Don’t forget to keep distance
  • Mark six-foot lines in front of home with a duct tape
  • Trick-o-treat with people you live with
  • Put candies on a desinfected table (try to make the process as contactless as possible)

Visit website for a full list of recommendations.

It doesn’t matter if you choose to celebrate Halloween together with your family and friends or alone in from of your computer (you can still connect to your friends via Zoom or other app and have fun), you may wanna dress up for such occasion.

Here is a list of most popular costume ideas this year:

Something related to coronavirus. And here you can DIY and improvise. What people are capable of we will only see after the holiday!

Zoom meeting participant. Yep, it continues our previous idea. Think about it. It is super easy: business on top, PJ’s and slippers on the bottom.

Doctor. Simply get a doctor’s coat and a mask.

And we still have our traditional costumes, such as:

  • Harry Potter
  • Baby Yoda
  • Ghost Face from “Scream”
  • The Flash
  • Skeleton
  • Horror Killers

You can just go to Spirit Halloween to get more ideas! They offer free shipping on orders over 30 dollars!

If you are into a real celebration and you need to find costumes for every part of your family including pets, press our banner below and get redirected to one of the best retailers (they literally have everything you need!)

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