Interior Design Trends for 2022

Interior Design Trends for 2022

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How does your place look like?

Tastes change during the year and we are about to tell you what is considered to be stylish in interior design now. The trends we mention will most likely continue for the rest of the year.

Key Takeaways:

  • Relaxed, native vibe and landscape
  • Home theaters, sport/yoga lounges and more functional space
  • 70’s style: bold colors and palletes

The overall trend to make our home a bit more than just a home is still on. It started with the pandemic and people still want to feel safe and comfortable spending much time at work not only living but working, exercising and entertaining themselves (just in case another quarantine will disrupt all the plans to go out). So, how do we make our house the most comfortable to stay in?

High-speed Internet

One of the crucial things that provides both work and leisure. Actually, almost everything now depends on the Internet. You watch Netflix, have a Zoom work call, order delivery and plan your vacation…the only thing you REALLY need is the Internet.

That is why you might ignore bad wallpaper design, but you won’t stay indifferent about slow Internet.

Quality in everything and return to traditions

Namely building materials, appliances and systems. Most people would prefer not cheap gray and white wall finish, but something Mid-Century style, for instance modern wood with a porcelain top of decent quality. Generally speaking, natural materials are going to be more and more popular: real wood, marble, mohair, linens etc. Trends in furniture are similar – buyers will prefer pieces with detail and some history: wingbacks, roll arm sofas,  and simple dining tables in antique styles.

Specials details on ceilings and walls

Ceiling gains prominence this year. Make your ceiling stand out and attractive by adding some structure to it. One of the trends here is lighting fixtures that add volume and height. They also could become some sort of an art display. To make the best choice of a lighting, use the help of an interior designer as it is not easy to navigate the correct proportions and heights.

People will also love to place 3D art and art on the walls to bring in to add intrigue and life to flat surfaces.

Maximalism instead of minimalism

Staying at home makes people craving cozy and comfy pieces like  rugs, furnishings, and art with character. Apart of incorporating different objects in one space, try mixing up the materials: stones, fabrics, metals and fabric. Another way to promote variate is to use curves instead of straight lines: barrel-vaulted ceilings, arched openings,  curvy furniture and walkways.

Bold colors and patterns: green and purple

Including more green shades into interior is a part of the trend to sort of bringing exterior in. Khaki green is a popular choice. Another favorite color is purple that acts like a base (some say it is a new black).

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