Retailers with a Story

Retailers with a Story

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Everybody loves shopping.

Let’s keep it meaningful.

We are all tired of faceless and dull shopping centers. And honestly is there something we do not already own?

Nowadays we do not only want to buy things, we are even more concerned about where we obtain out good FROM.

If there is a story behind the shop, the concept or even the name, we are much more likely to get interested. Right?

So, today we chose a few retailers with an exciting story (or extraordinary idea and concept) to share. Read, get inspired and buy to support the story or idea 🙂


This is a large shop with the special focus on quality, ethical approach and transparency:

 They continually audit their factories (which they claim to be the best in the world) to evaluate if the wages and conditions are fair and decent. Moreover, on their website you can see the breakdown of their products’ prices. For instance, the true cost of Elements Jacket is 60$ (including materials, labor, transport etc.) and Everlane sells it for 120$ whereas other retailers sell it for  300$.

Porter Road

A story of two entrepreneurs getting together to sell high-quality meat nationwide and create Porter Road. They set a new standard to meat quality by sourcing the best pastures in KY, TN, and PA. They dry age and hand-cut it at their own facilities.


Made by Mary

A jewelry brand with empowering story. Back in 2013 when it all started the founder of this shop was a young mom suffering from depression and confusion about her purpose. She started crafting jewelry. This helped her to connect with other women, listen to their stories and somehow started a journey out of the depression. This small project now turned into a team of artisans, designers, and customer service specialists working together to tell your story.

Imperfect Foods

This brand doesn’t have a touching story. But it has a purpose. The mission of Imperfect Foods is to:

Eliminate food waste and build a better food system for everyone

As they say it is not the food that is imperfect, it is the system. In reality we thrown too many edible items into trash. Veggies that are not pretty, boxes that are slightly damaged… All these things do not compromise the quality of the food. However, big retailers (and many people) prefer to throw them away. You have a chance to support the initiative and buy those “ugly” but perfectly edible goods here.


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