Road Trip in the UK: Summer 2020

Road Trip in the UK: Summer 2020

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Are you still thinking about what to do this summer?

Our suggestions is:

Road Trip!

One of the most romantic types of adventure has been underestimated for quite a long time!

Thanks to COVID we have a chance to relive this beautiful road experiences your parents told you about. You can travel in your own country, although situation seems to get better, so that you have a chance to opt for an international road trip!

First of all, think about the basic stuff like travel insurance (especially if you are going far and crossing the borders), check these websites and make up your mind:

Alpha Travel Insurance is simplier and has less complicated variety of choices, yet easy to get and edit quotes online. They offer discounts for couples!

Travel Time Insurance offers a wide variety of categories (Backpackers, Annual Multi, Over 75 etc.) and allows to choose from 3 levels of cover.

Next think about hiring a car or insuring your own car, you can check the quotes here at Insurance for carhire.

Moreover, it is important to pack your essentials:

Shades (you are driving!)

Reusable water bottle

Travel mug

Travel pillow


Hand sanitizer (especially now!)

Extra shoes (just everytime you travel it is a good idea to have a spare pair)

Warm clothes (just take some extra)

First-aid kit

Many of these items can be purchased anywhere, just go to TESCO practically for everything!

For more stylish and sophisticated options go to ContainerStore! They have amazing travel selection (just choose Travel category!).


After you can visit TripAdvisor to build you route around the most fascinating places around!

Or look at the blogs for inspiration here (the first link is not exactly a road trip itinerary, but you may want to head towards these places!):

2 weeks in UK, my perfect  UK trip itinerary
5 breathtaking road trips in England and Wales
6 of the best road trips in the UK

Our favourite are:

Snake Pass (picture in the bottom of this page)

Ben Nevis to the Isle of Skye (the top picture)

Devon (picture in the body of the page)

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