Rowing: Health Benefits and Facts

Rowing: Health Benefits and Facts

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We made posts about some more common sports before, such as fitness, diving and strength yoga.

What about rowing?

Unexpected, right?

This is not the type of work out you would consider when searching the ways to improve your lifestyle and make it healthier and more active. Nevertheless, today we chose to list a number of possible benefits of rowing.

Rowing is a total body practice

It makes most of your muscles work! To be exact about 86 percent (according to the National Institutes of Health).

Rowing targets such muscle groups as upper back, arms, pecs, obliques, abdominal muscles, calves, quadriceps, and glutes.

Anyone can try

As long as you have a rowing machine at home most people regardless their initial fitness level can have a try. Moreover, it seems very effective for people with low vision (rowing machines are as well safe for blind people).

Total beginners show fast progress. It only works, of course, if coupled with a decent diet or a pre-arranged meal plan. If you have trouble controling your carbs, proteins and fats intake, leave it to a professional.

Rowing is meditative and low-impact

Running and plyometrics may show the same effectiveness in burning calories but they cause far more damage to your joints. Rowing can help you burn some serious calories without putting extra stress to your joints and bones.

Rowing outdoors provide you with the most calming experience and the mind-body connection. Although rowing indoors is a bit different, some modern machines are extremely smooth. This smooth repetitive motion is great way to relax and causes your body to release endorphins.

Rowing strengthens your heart and lungs

Rowing is very intense, so your heart and lungs have to work hard. This exercise is recommended for those who may have some heart problems (consult your GP first).

Rowing will inspire you to travel!

Having a rowing machine at home is a good start. When you are strong enough, why not indulging into water sports all over the places? We are going to make a post on the best water sports places in the US. Think about kayaking at Lake Tahoe or Rafting the Grand Canyon. Rowing will definetely get your body for all these.

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