Safe dose of alcohol: does it exist?

Safe dose of alcohol: does it exist?

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Alcohol is often used as a stress reliever.

Drinking alcohol in the vast majority of cases is a way of avoiding oppressive problems, alienation from everyday life, getting rid of stress factors. A person purposefully takes toxic doses of alcohol as a “medicine” that allows him to move into another reality – calm, carefree, far from the difficult reality. Moreover, the loss of control over the amount of alcohol taken often occurs in successful, enterprising people.

Alcohol abuse and alcohol dependence are two different forms of the same disorder. Alcohol consumption is measured in arbitrary units – a standard dose of alcohol equal to 10 g of pure alcohol (25 grams of 40% vodka, 100 grams of 9-11% dry wine or 200 grams of 3-5% beer). The limit of daily alcohol consumption is no more than two standard drinks for women and no more than three for men.

Subject to the limit and three to four days of absolute sobriety per week, the dose does not pose a health hazard. Exceeding the doses and frequency of alcohol consumption is most often considered as alcohol abuse and can be taken into account as a factor in the development of many diseases. However, the symptoms disappear as soon as the person refuses alcohol.

For people who abuse alcohol, the term ‘risky drinker’ is used, but their condition is not yet considered a disease. Unlike abuse, alcohol addiction already requires the involvement of a psychiatrist in the treatment process. This pathology is often accompanied by anxiety, affective disorders, as well as schizophrenia, and medication is required. Alcohol abuse is the main cause of more than 200 diseases.

Approximate safe dose is (meaning you stay 3-4 days completely sober per week):

WHO experts proposed a standard that is now accepted in most countries of the world: 10 g of pure alcohol.

This amount of alcohol is contained in 150 ml of dry wine, or 50 ml of strong alcohol (vodka, cognac, etc.). A bottle of 4.5% beer contains 1.6 standard doses.

For healthy men under the age of 65, it is 3 standard doses per day or 14 per week. For healthy women and men over 65, 2 doses per day or 7 per week.

It is important that both indicators fit within the WHO framework. For example, if the average Russian drinks two glasses of vodka a day (100 ml), he does not exceed the daily limit, but exceeds the weekly limit.

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So, don’t avoid drinking some good drink once in a while. Just make sure you stay within the limits of being healthy!

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