Scuba Diving: Destinations

Scuba Diving: Destinations

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Diving allows you to escape your world. You can see the clear waters, beautiful coral reefs, explore underwater life, photograph exotic fish or get the thrill of being in a new environment.

Here are some of the best destinations to go scuba diving in the world!


Some of the best dive sites in the world are found in Australia. This country attracts millions of tourists each year! Here are some of the popular locations: the Great Barrier Reef, Yongala, Osprey Reef, Coral Sea and Navy Pier. We recommend the East Coast and better stay in places like Cairns which is the getway to lots of awesome dive trips.


Egypt is one of the most popular country to go diving due to the great value packages offered by numerous travel agencies. You’d better go straight to the East Coast and stay in a world class resort in Sharm el Sheik. Here you can visit the Red Seaand one of the Seven Wonders of the Underwater World which is a great place for diving. And it is super affordable!


In the US there are as well too many places to fo diving and they offer unique experience. It is highly recommended to explore volcanic ecosystem and get close to sharks and giant sting rays in Hawaii.


Thailand is probably the most popular place to learn to diving in the world because of its exotic islands, great value package tours and outstanding marine life.  One of the top-rated destinations for a dive course is Koh Tao. This small island has some of the best dive schools in the country, and you can go and dive there throughout a year.


Diving in Fiji means warm and crystal clear water, but and also the chance to see thousands of fish species, whales and sharks and what not. Also there is an enourmous variety of colorful corals, endless marine life, lots of specialist scuba diving clubs and resorts, live-aboard dive stays as well as amazing snorkeling off the beach.

SourceFirst things first

SourceDo not forget to buy your first diving gear: fins, mask, snorkler!

What’s more is that they can be used when doing an open water course for the first time. Some prefer to use their own kit for this. Do you know who was the last one to spit in the dive mask you’re about to put on your face? Oh, yes, you have to spit in it before putting on your face and it is not about the luck! This gear never gets old and snorkeling on holidays makes this useful.

If you decide to buy your own gear in the end, make sure to buy things that are suitable for diving, not just snorkeling. It is a good idea to obtain open-heel fins and booties (not the closed-heel fins popular with snorkelers.)

Here at Leisure Pro you can find all the necessary equipment for absolute beginners and not only!

And have fun dreaming about your next vacation!

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