Should I take GMAT?

Should I take GMAT?

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It is quite easy to answer this question. Are you thinking about entering a reputable business school?

Then YES!

Did you know that some celebrities studied economics?

For example Mick Jagger enrolled at the London School of Economics and Political Science, his career in music forced him to give up politics, but still! Cate Blanchett studied economics at the University of Melbourne and successfully finished the course.

We are going to give you a short list of reasons to try to pass a GMAT exam. It is not so expensive if you think about it!

Boost your confidence

Or what we really mean here is that taking GMAT may help you to decide if it was a good idea to think about MBA and business career in the first place.

Get into a business school

Even though the list of requirements varies from school to school, the best MBA schools do care about your score. The thing is that the GMAT results of the admitted applicants also contribute to schools’ national rankings, that means the higher is the score, the better rating the school has!

Fund your studies

Most MBA schools are very expensive. You may take a loan and wait for quite a whil until you will be able to pay off the debt. Or you can apply for a decent scholarship! Why not? If you are lucky, you can pay your education completely without having to take a loan!

Get an internship

Less obvious reason to pass GMAT, but many companies care about your GMAT score. Surprisingly getting a job or internship may be even harder than getting into a business school. Good GMAT score will help you to stand out from the long list of other applicants!

Better your English (and maybe other skills)

This is the most unexpected purpose of attempting to pass GMAT. Are you not a native speaker?

Practicing GMAT might be a great exercise for advanced English learners and for those, who need to improve their business English. Think about it, this test is meant for native speaker and it is quite challenging, especially the verbal section. If you are an enterpreneur (or work in business) in any country, passing or practicing GMAT may better your English skills significantly.

There are many resources available online these days. Some offer paid subscription, for example Magoosh, some offer quite many tips, tests and explanations for free.

Extra tip: you can always make sure your English is good enough with Grammarly. You can always check the basic spelling and grammar. If you want more, subscribe for premium!

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