The most daring fashion trends of 2022

The most daring fashion trends of 2022

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Fashion is a game for the most daring.

Of course, it is important to understand that not all catwalk trends are good in everyday life: at fashion shows, designers try to show the maximum of their creativity and often use the hyperbole technique.

Weirdly-shaped heels

One of the most interesting trends of the new season is unusually shaped heels. A broken egg, nail polish, a rose, a candle, and even soap – there were so many heels in the Loewe spring-summer collection. In these original sandals you will definitely be the center of attention at any party 😄

Transparent items

In the spring of 2022, designers are calling on fashionistas to drop all complexes and wear transparent things. Of course, this is an extremely bold and rather controversial trend, but it can also be “tamed”: wear transparent clothes over regular clothes or use them for beach fashion (over a swimsuit). But what you definitely shouldn’t do is to wear transparent things on your naked body, as in the shows of some designers. Remember: not everything that looks spectacular on the catwalk should be used in everyday life.

Super-mini skirts

Extremely short minis are a feature of the new Miu Miu collection. It seems to be much more like a wide belt than a skirt 😅 Of course, going for a walk around the city in such a thing is complete madness. Let’s leave such fashion experiments for the catwalk: for real life, it is better to choose a skirt ten to fifteen centimeters (at least) longer.


Catsuits are skin-tight jumpsuits like the ones Kim Kardashian loves to wear. Well, for the image at the Met Gala, such an outfit fits perfectly, but in real life, few people dare to wear such an outfit. Although we have nothing against it: it looks very stylish!


In the spring of 2022, low-rise trousers will finally take over the palm. It would seem that this trend is already familiar to us from the zero fashion and therefore does not seem so shocking. But in a modern interpretation, a low landing looks much more bold: firstly, it has become even lower than before, and secondly, now women of fashion combine it with the shortest possible top, exposing almost the entire stomach.

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