Travel 2020: Lifestyle Changes

Travel 2020: Lifestyle Changes

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As everyone keeps speaking about our life after COVID-19 is not going to be the same, we decided to write about how exactly our lifestyles are altered by pandemic.

Good news! Some countries are about to reopen their border. Can we start dreaming about travel again?

Here are some countries that might open up for tourism in the nearest future (July-August):

  • Aruba, Egypt, Bahamas, Turkey, Morocco and Malta are to open the borders in July.
  • Russia and Maldives are to open borders on July 15.
  • Israel will open the borders on August 1st but only for some countries.
  • Cuba, Thailand and some African countries are to open its borders internationally in the end of August.
  • For a nice timeline view visit the source here.
  • What does it all mean? There is still hope we can enjoy some of this year.

Do you think your life will ever be the same though?

Probably not.

It is a good idea to have some COVID-19 accessories: a face mask or even a sneeze shield? We think a face mask will stay with us until the next year (or even longer). So, let’s try not to get sad.

The easiest option is, of course, to order with Aliexpress. It’s cheap and basic. If you want to bulk shop and you need a plain face mask it might be your best choice.

Some famous and reputable brand as well offer face masks! For example you can find them on GAP and GapFactory websites:

What if you want to have just a bit more fun? There are multiple stores proving a great variety of nonconventional masks:

Here in Zazzle you can find our favorite mask with a dog’s nose.

What about a mask for film enthusiasts? You can find this pretty piece at RedBubble:

And finally Michael’s suggests everything to make your own mask! You can find a DIY category and also you can buy a ready-to-use sneeze shield!

And another website Antropologie suggests not only sto buy some beautiful DIY masks but also walks you through the whole process of making your own without having even to buy anything:

Have you find something even better?

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