Travel Ideas during COVID time 2020

Travel Ideas during COVID time 2020

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Should we cancel all the travel this year?


Surprisingly, the amount of people traveling this year dropped by only 20 percent this summer.

Do not be desparate, there is still a way to spend your summer in the best possible way.

Start preparing for your next trip in advance!

Are you a normad? First things first! You need to protect yourself. We recommend explore the market of Insurance before making any decisions (we have time for this). Life insurance, health insurance, travel insurance… You can check this website for an idea (it is built especially for Nomads)!

Moreover why not addressing the question of your pet’s health at the same time? While you are away everything can happen (it can happen actually anytime, so buying insurance is really a great idea!). Here is an interesting and user-friendly US pet insurance known as Lemonade. Moreover you can enroll into a different community-based service Eusoh, where a group of pet owners colaborate and share the expenses (so, monthly fee varies). Do not forget to read about their name story 🙂

Do you have a car?

One of the best things to do is to take a road trip! It is a much safer option these days. Moreover, it will spare your money as gas is not that expensive this year. Do not forget to estimate the insurance here at Rentalcars.

In case you do not have a car we strongly recommend you to hire one! There are many websites suggesting discounts and special offers. We will write about your regional options in our next posts, meanwhile here is a universal site for checking out the deals.

Plan Destination

And finally start planning the route. The best idea is to open the map and just start dreaming.

Maybe there are some interesting locations not that far?

Or maybe you can read the articles from other travellers and et inspired by their stories? Everyone’s favorite source is Tripadvisor, where you can find not only the stories and reviews but also check the prices of the hotels and flights!

So, where is your next place to visit?

The borders started to open again and we try to think positively!

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