Travel Trends to Consider in 2023

Travel Trends to Consider in 2023

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In recent years, new trends have formed in tourism, which will become popular among travelers in 2023.

According to a study conducted by the accommodation booking service among 24,000 travelers, tourists are increasingly interested in nature trips and family vacations. What are the main travel trends in 2023 and where to go for them – read in our material.

Package holidays and all inclusive

After the stress of lockdowns, flight cancellations and travel chaos, travelers in 2023 don’t want to worry about anything. Booking your entire vacation through a travel agency or website eliminates the hassle of planning all the little details.

For instance, Zafiro Hotels, one of the best hotel chains in the world, suggest a truly all inclusive experience. You could book luxury retreat, including flights and hotel with a choice of private rooftop mini pools, hydromassage bathtubs, sport activities etc.


This segment has been hit hard during the pandemic and is one of the last in the travel industry to reopen. Now cruises around the world are in huge demand, probably because it is one of the most stress-free types of vacation.

Not a fan of long journeys on a boat? Try short cruises, such as Tours&Ticket‘s cruises in the Netherlands:

Traveling solo

According to a recent poll, 25% of Americans planned to make a solo trip last year. This trend will continue to grow throughout 2023. Solo travel is a great way to learn more about yourself and gain self-confidence. Traveling alone makes you more open to meeting new people and truly immersing yourself in your destination. It gives you the freedom to explore your itinerary on your own schedule. In the past, traveling alone was considered something suitable only for single people. Now all types of people have picked up on this trend: couples are traveling without their partners, older travelers are rediscovering themselves.

The Rise of Digital Nomads

More and more employers are coming to a remote format of relationships with employees, and this opens up huge prospects for the hotel industry (especially chain hotels). Of particular interest to businesses are the so-called digital nomads – remote employees who skillfully combine work, travel and life abroad.

For those who want to travel in Northern Europe and keep working there is an option. Forenom offers over 7000 accomodations all over the Nordics. Forenom also provides corporate housing in central Europe by request.

Wellness travel and digital detox

Travelers seeking to improve their health and mental well-being now have many options for carefree vacations. Digital retreats are rapidly gaining momentum, because in our digital world it is easy to lose touch with reality. These organized retreats allow participants to connect with the outside world while disconnecting from technology. Phones, tablets and laptops are prohibited. Events are planned in such a way that participants can truly immerse themselves in the environment and make real connections with people without being distracted by technology.

Alcohol-free travel

More and more travelers prefer to give up drinking. Traveling sober leaves tourists more money and more time for meaningful experiences they will remember. At the same time, bars with non-alcoholic and low-alcohol drinks are increasingly appearing in large cities. Activities or tours without alcohol are also gaining popularity.

Group tours from influencers

Many travel influencers from TikTok, Instagram and popular blogs are now offering group tours to their followers. All of them are aimed at giving subscribers the opportunity to get a taste of the travel they see on social networks, in the company of like-minded people.

Uniting with nature

For many travelers, the perfect trip can be spent in the comfort of the woods by a crackling fireplace, miles from the nearest microchip. However, 48% of those surveyed said they were ready to take a break away from technology only if they could take items to create a comfortable environment with them. And 53% of travelers still need a mobile phone and stable internet.

There are many websites offering cottages, barns, houses and even ancient chapels to rent in small and picturesque destinations. Check out Toad Hall Cottages to get an idea:

Leave to sleep: sleep tourism is becoming popular in the world

No need to put off sleep for retirement, this is our favorite trend this year!

This is a holiday format that offers good sleep to improve your health. This destination began to gain popularity after the coronavirus pandemic, and today some large hotels offer conditions for those who suffer from lack of sleep. In hotels, tourists began to offer rooms in which you can get a good night’s sleep. They are equipped with innovative soundproofing, improved beds, conditions for meditation and relaxation, and a “pillow menu” for a comfortable sleep for clients.

 Bucket List Plans

The past few years were very stressful. People tend to appreciate their lives more and pay slightly more attention to their dreams than their money. So, make sure that you fulfill all your travel goals and visit places from your bucket list. For example, if you have always wanted to visit Italy or France, why not this year?

This could be a nice hotel like H10 Hotels chain:

Do you feel like camping in a village (or town)? Enter HuOpenair world of the perfect places to stay, for a weekend city break or an open-air holiday whatever the season. Everything you need and more, tailor-made for you!

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