Trending Now: Gift Boxes

Trending Now: Gift Boxes

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We already mentioned this probably the best gift idea ever!

Gift Boxes are here!

It is never too early to plan your Christmas present-buying routine!

So, we have an amazing idea!

Why not creating your own gift box for someone you love!

Gift boxes is new trend, now in the time of COVID-19 it is probably the best gift. It is not easy to see each other (for some people it is sad reaslity, the borders are closed). But post office works almost same good.

So, think about it! Who doesn’t like gifts? Who doesn’t like surprises?

We don’t know anyone like that!

Today, we would like you to get inspired by Strong Selfie. This shop offers gift boxes for young girls!

In case you have a younger sibling, you do not have to think much to make her happy, just pay for the subscription. If you are a creative type – check out the website and create one of your own.

By the way, they have awesome one time options! Our favourite is Digital Detox!


One more relaxing gift box idea: have a great romantic evening with your special beautiful candle!

Wickbox offers candle box subscription, otherwise they have some quite outstanding items in their shop:

Look at these! Great for romantic classy book lovers!

You can either buy these accessories and make your own DIY candle or just order the whole thing!

Asian is still in trend. Moreover, Asian women are so beautiful and look young at any age. They say Japanese cosmetics is the best quality in the world! Why not research the market, go to say DOKODEMO and make your own gift box for your friend? Otherwise check their Culture section! If your friend/significant other loves Japanese culture (and there are many people who do), they are gonna fall in love with these snacks and treats!

They also have electronics, medicine, everything for your hair and plenty of brands to choose from.

We are still enjoying summer and some of us are lucky to have all year round summer-like weather. Here is the brand Beachly that celebrates summer every 4 months by delivering Summer Boxes to your door.

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