Valentine’s Day Crafts

Valentine’s Day Crafts

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If you feel like DIY, here are some bright ideas to consider!

There are some creative ways to show your loved ones what is in your heart. And while chocolate, fancy alcohol and flowers are great to give, but DIY presents express you feelings in a special way.

All that you need is scissors and some art supplies you already have at home. In case you don’t have anything, get a basic kit and craft paper (which is great for DYI cards) at the Riot Stores:

Hand-made Cards

It is easy and quick to make. We think it’s a must-have for your Valentine gift as it is a nice personal touch. If you have kids, you can do this together!

Tip: Don’t know what to draw to make your card a bit more special that just a heart?? Just google “cute Valentine’s card” and borrow the idea 🙂 Here is a blog with a collection of cute cards to buy. Get some inspiration 🙂

20 Funny Valentine’s Day Cards

To make something a bit more sophisticated, check out this video:


Garland is the simple and fun to make decoration! Great to DIY together with a child!

Other Things

Stamps, weird cards/gifts and bookmarks. Experiment and create something odd!

Here are some ideas to cosider:

23 Easy Valentine’s Day Crafts

Our favourite Valentine’s Decor is this Puff heart. It is quite easy to make and looks amazing!


In case you still want to give your loved one a piece of art BUT you are too lazy to try making it your self (or too scared), here is the solution: Direct Art ready to hang painting! How about a bouquet of flowers?

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