We are what we wear: Style

We are what we wear: Style

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Style = personality?

Is there any connection between your style and personality? Or, let us rephrase the question: do people judge us depending on our appearance and style? Yes. So, what conclusions can onlookers come to? And can we change their perceptions by changing our looks?

When buying clothes, a person does not analyze his style and what he wants to say about himself. He focuses on modern fashion, the season, his own taste, and, of course, the cost of the chosen item. But each time the main role in this is played by the idea of ​​​​the self. And if some prefer convenience, then others are guided by the search for the right thing to create a harmonious and unique image.

What does clothing style say about a person?

  • Classics are chosen by practical people who do not want to waste time on trifles, and frank conversations with strangers are taboo for such people;
  • The business style, which is characterized by strict and clear lines in clothes, is preferred by restrained intellectuals, for whom the main thing is work, and emotions and feelings have no place in their everyday life;
  • Sport style is now chosen not only by teenagers, but also by those who lead a dynamic lifestyle and are forced to appear at several points in the city during the day, and in the evening also have time to go to the sports club;
  • Romantics choose ruffles, flounces, frills, and clothes, both women’s and men’s, are made in delicate pastel colors;
  • Casual style is the style of most people who prefer convenience and comfort;
  • Jeans are worn by conflicting personalities who want to combine the simplicity of old things and the originality of new fashion trends in their image;
  • A person who wants to attract the attention of the opposite sex chooses soft flowing fabrics that emphasize seductive curves;
  • Daring vain personalities prefer extravagant and unusual clothes, because they need to stand out from the faceless gray mass.

Psychology of choice

  1. loose-fitting clothes are bought by those who are ashamed of themselves and want to hide some flaws, and tight-fitting models are worn to demonstrate any part of the body;
  2. tightening the waist indicates a desire to muffle excessive emotions;
  3. a neck covered with a scarf or a beautiful collar indicates that it is difficult for a person to remain sincere and demonstrate their emotions. Such people tend to withdraw into themselves; 
  4. if a person is constantly trying to emphasize something in his appearance (sensuality, femininity, sexuality), then it is precisely in this that he experiences uncertainty;
  5. oversized clothes are preferred by those who do not want to accept their overweight body, and it is much better for them to engage in self-deception;
  6. it is difficult for conservative people who change their beliefs with difficulty to part with old things.

Knowing what messages are encrypted in clothes, it is easy to choose the right image and achieve the desired goal. Do you agree with all of them… We don’t) But it might be useful to keep in mind!


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