We received a compliment (=blackmail) from a fan

We received a compliment (=blackmail) from a fan

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We have to post it right away.

We post a disclaimer on our every page that we do earn commission (it is actually already included in the price of a product so you do not pay extra anyway) if you buy a product or service from one of our partners (we recommend their products or place their banners). We do not get any commission if you simply click the link or a banner (ONLY if you make a purchase).

We provide entertaining (or we believe so) content on the topics that we find appropriate and we care about. You can think of our blog as a sort of a diary. We encourage our readers to double check the information we post (it is good for everyone’s critical thinking).

Several days ago we received this kind of email. We cannot answer this type of a message as it is quite impolite (and to be honest it sounds like a threat):


In our opinion the best decision would be to post a screenshot of this message here and hope to save most of our readers anyway. We do not encourage blackmailing and it would be wrong to post any content with this kind of “motivation”.

Sometimes we are slow to reply and we are sorry some of the fellow bloggers did not receive any answer to their requests from us. However, there are plenty of other blogs, we hope you can find a decent place for cooperation.

So, for our readers: if you see some negative feedback or “toxic” comments, please, ignore and keep in mind this could be this professional’s work.

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