Why using a VPN?

Why using a VPN?

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Have you ever travelled to another country thinking your tickets and bookings are safe in your emails, cloud drives and just basically Internet? Can anything go wrong?


We saw some people arriving to another country and losing access to all the information. Why? Because of some country’s restrictions inposed on the particular websites/sources. It happens quite often, and it is much harder to deal with this situation post-factum.

First, if you are going to another country, check the Internet policy there and if any of your frequently used websites are blocked.

Second, make sure you have a VPN app installed. VPN is used not only in case of travelling. Many people opt for VPN services when surfing Internet at home.

We are going to discuss the most FAQ!

Reasons for Using a VPN


VPN hides your identity, location and preferences. The service changes your location and makes it difficult to track your trace. There is a number of reputable VPN services that stayed around for ages. An example of such is Express VPN.


VPN is sort of the encrypted channel keeping you data from being spyed on. Nowadays, it is possible to use one VPN plan to protect yourself on mustiple devices and on different platforms (you can even install VPN in your router) – Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Fire TV, and more. All these options are available with FastestVPN!


Using VPN allows you to avoid GEO-restrictions and access all the necessary websites even in the countries where it is not possible.

Save Money

Did you know that prices are based on your location? It is not the rule but is definetely worth checking! If you are a regular and committed VPN user, you may consider longer plans (let’s say 3 year plans), which can be much cheaper. check such plan here at NordVPN.

Safe Public Wi-Fi

Public wi-fi is free and easy to use but it is not safe. Using VPN can turn public wi-fi into a reliable tool!

Free or Paid VPN?

Paid VPN might seem quite reliable, but it comes with a few downsides.

First of all, free VPN means less service and more competitors. Thus, the speed will be slower. When paying for VPN you are actually paying for more servers together with helpful customer support. You can also use some service providers you are already familiar with. Did you buy your domain name from NameCheap? Did you know they also have a VPN plan?

Secondly, you may have heard about data-leakage scandals. Very often free VPN services use your data and sell it to the third parties.

One more great feature of paid VPN services is the choice of the location! For expample, Hidden24 offers a range of countries to choose from (Spain, France, Germany, Italy and so on).

Do we not use VPN to keep our data secured and hidden? Well, with Free VPN it is not a sure thing.




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