Winter Health Issues and How to Avoid Them

Winter Health Issues and How to Avoid Them

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Winter can be nice and beautiful…in the pictures. However, it is not everyone’s favorite season! Let’s see what problems we can encounter this time of the year and what to do to avoid them?

Here are the most common problems we are all going to face this cold season:


Well, in case you suffer from this illness, you should know that it can be triggered by cold air. Nevertheless, there are some measures you can take to combat this issue:

  • Try to stay inside when it gets freezing outside
  • Make sure inhalers are close-by
  • When going outside make sure to cover your nose and throat with a warm wool hat and scarf, you can get one here at Estro – luxuty designer outlet, they ship worldwide! In case you need some serious solutions, get a more sporty version here at Berg Freunde: they have scarves, balaclavas and neck warmers!


This kind of problem appears when your skin and tissues under it freeze.

  • ┬áStay indoors when it’s too cold outside
  • Wear multiple layers, protect the open part of your body
  • Don’t forget to get a decent pair of winter shoes from The North Face for superior protection and extreme temperatures. Or think of purchasing a good quality leather shoes paired (check out our favorite Camper) with warm wool socks:



Well, it is very common to be in a bad mood during this gray and, some would say, boring season. And it is not only because it is gray, but also ’cause you simply don’t get enough vitamins and physical exercises.

Go to Muscle Nation to find the best supplements, protein, ready to eat healthy snack and accessories for doing sports!

Another way to fight depression is to have a hiking trip. Go into nature, explore and relax. Even though now it is not the best time to travel, staying away from people is the best thing you can do. Just make sure you have all the necessary equipment. You can get everything you need at Online Outdoor Closeouts:

Weight Gain

Usually it can be linked to depression and solved in the similar way!

In case you are a mum and need to lose weight, consider going 28 challenge at Healthy Mummy (they also have meal replacements and smoothie packs).

Dry Skin

Cold and wind make your skin dry, itchy and red. It is not that difficult to fight this problem: you just have to use the right treatment for your face and hands. Here at HelloAva you can choose what fits (take the quiz to find the best solution to your problem). The winter cream has to be thick and fat!

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