Zero-Waste Cooking: Planning

Zero-Waste Cooking: Planning

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Did you know that about 40 percent of all the food in the civilized world is going to waste?

Something has to be done about that!

Let’s see what can be!

Of course, we can speak about this problem from a bigger perspective, but let’s start small! Facing the problem of individual food is one of the ways to tackle this issue globally. So, one of the popular trends now is striving for zero waste cooking in your kitchen!

What is the way to achieve a zero-waste cooking?

Better Planning

Make a list

Before going to a store. You can use different apps like Grocery IQ to build your list. Don’t forget to check what you already have at home! Be eco-smart about everything, for instance, consider using silicon bags instead of plastic. You can find such containers and bags here at Anova. Here is what they say about a better alternative to plastic bags:

Silicone derives from silica which is a non-toxic and odorless resource found naturally on Earth. It can withstand extremely high temperatures with low chemical reactivity and high flexibility. Silicone is also a non-hazardous waste and, at select locations, can be 100% recycled.

Keep it realistic

Buy as much as you can eat. Keep in mind a simple fact that some offers may seem attractive, but can you eat 4 melons before they go bad? It might be cheaper to buy several items, but do you need them? In the end they will go to waste together with your money.

Shop small quantities

See what we wrote above. It is ok to wait until you go shopping next time! Or in case you ran out of an important ingredient, you can always hop in the nearest shop.

Set the priorities

Always think about the products that expire quicker and use them first.

Stock the essentials

It is obvious and you most likely do this. Have some staple ingredients at home: canned products, pasta, rice and other grains. They have a longer shelf life and you can always make use of them when you don’t have anything fresh to cook.

By the way, you can check for some ideas to inspire your zero waste livestyle (not only cooking) here at MMTUM Shop!



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