Art Challenge 10: Week 5

Art Challenge 10: Week 5

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Art Challenge 10

Week #5: August 9 – August 16



Our next challenge: creature.

This week we invite you to wrap your mind around the concept of CREATURE.
You may draw just your favorite real-life animal, or you may expand it to imaginary beings.
We also encourage you to mix in some ethnical and national traits. Depending on the country you are coming from, you might consider researching some regional myths and legends to get inspired.
Nowadays growing popularity of games and fantasy draws a keen interest to this topic.
Think about the environment your CREATURE inhabits. Is it a woods or sea creature?
Get your pens, pencils, inks and colors ready (you can buy them at Blick, where you can find anything you need)!
And start experimenting 🙂
Do not forget that being a part of Art Challenge means not only sharing but also learning!
Here is an article to read in case you are planning to create a monster:

Creature Concept Art Gallery

Do not forget a simple fact that creating creature design starts with drawing real animals! That’s why we encourage you to sketch and draw our favourite animals and pets: cats, dogs, fish, hamsters.
Here is real animal sketching process with the animator of Lion King, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, and Brother Bear! Get inspired! (you do not have to watch the whole video, just skip to the interesting parts – there is a list of topics under the video)

Zoo Sketching with Aaron Blaise – Drawing Lions, Tigers and Bonobos

And here is a video from Disney and famous Disney animator on creating characters!

How to Draw Disney Characters with Eric Goldberg

What is going to be your CREATURE? 😍 We are very excited!
Please, share your artworks with us by tagging #artchallenge10_re or messaging! 😇
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