DIY Early Xmas Card Ideas

DIY Early Xmas Card Ideas

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Are you ready for Xmas and New Year 2021?

Hopefully better than 2020!

Don’t know what to start with? Start with anything! Get yourself some basic tools here at Spellbinders (check their stylish jewellery ideas with wicky quotes).

If you can draw and paint, then making a Xmas (or any card) should be easy. Just draw any ‘winter’ scene or any Xmas object.

If not – you can still make a good-looking card!

Start practicing simple shapes.

Check out these fun and easy tutorials on how to draw Xmas objects:

And here is a full step-by-step guide on how to make

DIY Watercolor Christmas Socks Card

Cut-out Cards

If you are better at cutting, consider cutting out your card by using these tips and printouts here (this is a tag originally, but you can easily turn it into a Xmas xard!):


Coloring Page

Here you can download a coloring page and simply… color it! It cannot be easier! And also it is a sort of meditation!

Printable Coloring Page

Here is another one!

Ok. So, you got yourself a dozen of cards now. What do you write there?

Here are quite a few ideas:

Here’s What to Write in a Christmas Card This Year

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