Imporving Your Hair Growth in 3 Easy Steps

Imporving Your Hair Growth in 3 Easy Steps

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Last week we spoke about 3 ways to better your hair growth. Today we continue this list with 3 more ideas!

So except for genetics and healthy balanced diet, is there something else you can do or avoid doing?

Sure. Here are our next 3 tips for you:

Be Gentle When Coloring Your Hair

Dying your hair changes its texture and causes it to break. But if you use gentler hair products and do it less often, you may significantly improve your hair quality and lessen the process of hair loss.

TIP: If you like to change your hair color often, consider using wigs, for example here at Niawigs! That’s a good way to look different from time to time without damaging your hair too often!

Avoid the Heat

Not obvious tip, but heat from hair dryers, straighteners and curling irons cause breakage and damage your hair. If you cannot avoid using these tools, try limiting how often you use them.

Practice Scalp Massage

Massaging your scalp helps  you relax and relieve stress. Moreover, according to some studies, it may boost the health of your hair. The study showed that 4-minute scalp massage everyday can improve the thickness of your hair in about 24 weeks. It is not a very fast process, but try doing it for pleasure without much expectations.

Massaging brings blood to your hair follicles. Thus, it may really boost your hair growth.

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