The Importance of Eco-Friendly in 2020

The Importance of Eco-Friendly in 2020

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Do you think COVID-19 made our planet a better place?

We are not sure!

Even though we agree that with so many flights cancelled and so many people self isolating there might have been a positive change in terms of air quality and gas emisions. But let’s think again.

What about the amount of masks and other protective gear produced in the past 8 months? What about the wet tissues, hand sanitizers and other things we use to avoid contamination?

Consumers became more “individualized”. We avoid using public transport (which is good for the environment), we stopped car-sharing, the aircrafts operate half empty… Is this a positive impact?

Seems like COVID-19 is bad news for our well-being! Interested in reading more on this topic? Here is a great article to check.

We still want to enjoy our lives, to travel, to communicate, to go shopping.

The best thing we can do is stay responsible and constantly think about our impact as consumers.

Nowadays there are plenty of businesses that are not only making money but also are ready to give back!

We think right now it is the moment to support them and buy some great products and invest in the socially responsible business by doing so. Let us tell you about a couple of worthy sellers suggesting not just great products but also trying to keep the Earth a better place.

United By Blue

Blue stands for the oceans! Go to the website and read about their mission! United by Blue is focused on selling eco-friendly clothing and what is very important they care about ethical manufacturing too.

With your every purchase you clean up 1 pound of trash, amazing right? This year they are going to remove all single use plastic from their chain.

You can join their cleaning sessions 🙂

Amour Vert

Is translated as Green Love from French. That name really suits as the idea is to plant a tree for every t-shirt you buy! That is a great practice to encourage.

Amour Vert is concerned with every aspect of its business from treating their empoyees right to a productions and post-production stages of their clothings’ lifecycle.

Their dresses are very cozy and look too comfortable to wear.

If you cannot plant a tree why not investing a bit of money into a nice t-shirt that will give you this opportunity to better our world?

We Are Thought

Here is another great socially responsible business suggesting multiple ways for you to get involved into saving our world. This company uses zero plastic pachaging (instead it utilizes biodegradable garment packaging). There are collections for women and men and also a blog, where you can read more information about sustainable living.

Did you know that the cases of domestic violence became much more frequent throughout the world during the pandemic? We Are Thought offers you to donate £3 by buying a reusable face mask on the website (£3 from every sale will be sent to the Refuge that supports victims of domestic violence).



Yes, it is all about cotton! This organisation produces natural cotton right there in the Nile Delta. They really care about the employees and they partner with pro-literacy organizations in the region trying to fight child labour. With the help of customers, Kotn has built 7 schools, funded 690 farms, and impacted over 30,000 lives in rural Egypt.

They offer you clothing for men and women, some great reading (check their Library section) and cosmetics.

Remember that buying high quality cotton item from Kotn you are supporting people and their families who create these beautiful garments for many buyers around the world.


Barner is another sustainable and socially resposible business that is worth mentioning.

They plant trees and invest money in medical research. Moreover, they make a great product and you need it right now!

We are surrounded by screens 24/7 and what we can and should do – protect our vision! If you spend a lot of time in front of LED screens (working probably), check out what Barner has to offer (and help the environment and society at the same time!)

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