5 Ways to Pamper Yourself

5 Ways to Pamper Yourself

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Why is it important?

To stay mentally healthy and happy!

You work hard, you have gone through some tough times… Think about it, don’t you deserve a bit of positive energy? Self-care is the key. And we are going to suggest some easy things you can start with!

Call a friend (or a family member)

You probably were too busy to call a bunch of people. Social contacts have a tendency to fade with time. Think about the closest people you are not ready to lose and talk to them. Try to avoid speaking about work or kids, better talk about some warm memories and friendship. Maybe you can meet soon and have a face-to-face conversation?

Have a quiet coffee/tea break

Make a cup of tea or coffee but this time make it special. Add some berries or ginger to your tea or experiment with marshmallows, chocolate and cinnamon to create your own type of coffee. Enjoy it.

Extra tips:

How about some delicious dessert for your cup of drink?

If you care about your sugar intake, here is a nice shop Natural Sweeteners, where you can get all the sugar substitutes you need (also, check out their recipes)!

Take a bath

Find some time even if most of the time you are busy with kids or work. Light some candles, add some salts or bubbles, turn on your favourite music. If you wish you can bring a book. Relax. It’s your time! After the bath, make sure to take care of your skin and hair with a proper lotion.

Buy something special

You like unusual design things? And you probably stop yourself everytime, saying it is not practical and just a waste of money. But pampering means letting yourself buy or do something just for pleasure once in a while. For example, if you love to read and are in search of something really special and unique, here is the shop: Craighill


Buy something for another

Pampering yourself feels better if you do something good for your close people. Go shopping (if COVID restrictions allow that) to the nearest mall or supermarket. Or even better: browse the Internet!

Here are some ideas to pamper your loved ones:

For Him

Chaads suggests trying out underwear and paying only if you love it! It’s perfect for a gift!

For Her

Another great idea, especially for a woman, is a gift card. Australian brand Tulio offers shipping to a variety of countries, you can just get a gift card or find some jewelry or accessories:

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