Art Therapy to Heal

Art Therapy to Heal

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“The healthiest form of projection is art”  

~ Fritz Perls 

Here is our ArtChallenge10 to inspire you to draw, paint and create!


Deal with your EMOTIONS. Here are some exercises you can make use of:

Sketch/paint/draw your emotions

When you are sad, angry, disappointed think aboout letting it out… in the form of art! Why not? It really helps. Moreover, don’t you know that quite a lot of art came from pain? Remember Frida Kahlo.

Mandala meditation

These are symmetrical circles, no special skills are required. It is a great way to relax. Turn on some nice slow music. Here is the video to inspire:

Make an art journal

Put your feelings into words and add some illustrations. If you love it here is another idea:

Create your own comic book!

Or a book for children. This is a little bit more complicated story, but it is worth it as it can turn into something more beautiful and meaningful.

Collage your vision of a perfect day/summer/life/work

(Or whatever). It is a great idea to change your life in a positive way (don’t forget to start doing something to change it though, it is not only about the ART 🙂 ).


What do you think about our ideas?


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