Super Short Work Perfume Guide

Super Short Work Perfume Guide

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It is always nice to smell pleasantly.

How does your work fragrance differ from your everyday perfume?

Here is a quick guide:

Avoid solid perfume and perfume oils

Perfume oils are those natural essences sold in pharmacies and department stores. You may even create your own DIY smell at home using these essential oils. Although it is a great meditation process, you will need to reapply it constantly in order to keep the smell as it fades away quite fast. Not the best option for a workplace. Moreover, oil may leave unpleasant stains on your work suit.

Go “Eau de”

Perfume is too concentrated and might be too heavy for a closed space at work. Eau de Parfum/Toilette/Cologne have 15-20%, 10%, and 5% consentrations. They are much better for work environment as they are much lighter and less annoying for people around you. Also. these options are much more affordable.

Understand the notes

Not every smell is appropriate for work environment. Some sweet, heavy and musky fragrances are great for a date. However, for your daily professional life you may choose some neutral unobtrusive notes, for example cucumber, citrus, mint, apple, green tea, and wood.

How do you feel wearing it?

You don’t go to work to relax. Choose a scent that makes you energized and active. They say that peppermint, for example, can boost you memory, whereas jasmine notes may improve your reaction time.

Consider Travel Size

Have a smaller spray bottle to take it with you to work (or some other place). It is not a must, but buying a smaller size bottle is nicer if you buy the perfume for the first time (what if it not for you?). Here at City Perfume you can find some:

Don’t overspray!

Please, remember that at work your best choice is to avoid extra smell if possible. We recomment not to reapply your perfume while at work. You may get used to it and not have an adequate understanding of how intense the smell is. Remember that the best thing to do is to have your body clean, perfume is just an extra touch to your natural smell (of your clean body).

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