Hiking: Must Haves to Pack

Hiking: Must Haves to Pack

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Super short list of essentials. Here we go!

Hiking improves your mood and overall feeling. It is getting warmer. Great season for hiking and long walks! Are you ready?

Here we go!


Make sure the clothes you wear are appropriate for where you are going (and for how long you are going to spend outside).

Think socks! Here at Wilderness Wear you can find midlayers and socks fro hiking (and for other purposes, for example running, skiing, cycling etc):



Make sure to have enough food. Take more than you need just in case your walk will take longer than expected (it happens all the time)!


Take minimum 1 liter of water. You can buy a water bottle practically everywhere. Check Proozy for the best brands at the best prices!


Communication and Navigation

Don’t forget to charge your phone.

Take an extra power bank.

Have an offline map.


Sun Protection

Depending on the season and the place you live, you may need:

  • Sunscreen
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses

Or all of these!


First-Aid Kit

Make sure to have all the essentials here as you never know what can happen on the way. You may fall, you may cut your leg or you may eat something bad just before your walk!


Have matches or a lighter even if you are not going far.




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