Choosing perfume according to your personality

Choosing perfume according to your personality

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Perfume is the best gift.

To yourself.

We do not recommend giving someone else a perfume unless you are sure about the person’s preferences.

Although there are some things you can do for yourself and your friend/sibling/relative/better half in terms of choosing the best fragrance.

First of all, think about the fragrance families and try to identify yourself (or the person you would like to give the perfume to) with one of these:


The name speaks for itself. These are smells with dominant floral notes. It suits carefree, easy-going, cheerful and open-minded people.


These perfumes are dominantly vanilla, musk, resin, warm and spicy notes. Best for extravagant, confident, bold personalities that love extraordinary and exotic things.


Fragrances featuring elements of moss, wood, oakmoss or sandalwood and patchouli. Perfect for classy and stylish people, they are subtle and calm, often their style is underrated. They are calm and caring.


Perfumes with dominant lemon, lime, orange (etc) notes or any kind of fruits (for fruity).

Ideal option for yougn people, for those who have endless energy and passion for life.

If you prefer to find you type and you perfume in a form of a test, you can check the tests suggested by Cosmopolitain (they are a bit old but fragrances do not get outdated):

QUIZ: What’s the perfect perfume for your personality?

Here’s What Your Perfume Says About You

How do I choose?

Your best option is to go to a nearest perfume store, let’s say Sephora (by the way Sephora delivers all over the world if you just need to restock your favorite perfume) and smell the fragrances. Also, everybody knows that when applied to your skin, the fragrance may feel different (as it sort of mixes with your own odour). And Sephora also has Fragrance finder!

In case you’d rather have some fun, the best option is to get a Perfume Box. Actually, gift boxes became a recent trend (Covid-19 boosted the sales of such for real). Our favorite subscription like this is Scent Addict by thefragranceshop. Here is how it works!

For those who are scared of the commitment the shop offers  one scentaddict atomiser filled with a fragrance of your choice for £18. It is UK shop, but they ship internationally.

Skylar suggests Scent Experience! What does it mean? You buy a gift card (you use later to buy your favorite smell) and they send you a palette of 8 different smells for free!!! You try them at home, wear, experience…and then redeem your gift card and buy the one you liked the most! Amazing!

Another great international business (started as a family business in Kuwait) is Generic Perfumes! You can choose a pack of 6 or 12 sample pieces and then decide which of over 3000 perfumes to fill them with! Sounds amazing, right? They sell essential oils too and all of their products are alcohol-free!

If nature is especially important to you (and you live in UK), choose Beauty Base. They have many fragrance categories to choose from including:

If you already know your (or your friend’s) favorite perfume, you can easily order a delivery here at FragranceDirect. They have probably any perfume you can think of! Check their OFFERS and SALE sections for more deals. By the way they have 10 percent discount for students!

Another great site for perfume shopping is FeelUnique, we absolutely love their INSPIRE ME section and they have free gifts (check OFFERS).

In case you have doubts about giving someone perfume as a gift, another great idea is Beauty Box, which is far less risky. Check the subscription offered by Allure (you can cancel anytime)!


Have you found your perfect fragrance yet? We are still searching ours 🙂



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