Crafting for Your Mental Health

Crafting for Your Mental Health

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Depression is probably one of the most common mental health problems nowadays.

If you suspect to have a depression, please, address a professional. 
Our post is just to help you cope with sadness and frustration.

But there are some simple things that can help you fight or prevent this problem (in addition to the treatment suggested by your doctor). We encourage all the people who experience frustration and sadness to try crafting!

What causes depression?

Depression is usually caused by a combination of physiological, genetic, environmental, and psychological factors. Moreover, some medical conditions, such as cancer, heart disease and other significant illnesses may cause depression.

You can use one of many online tests to self-diagnose depression, for example this one here. Anyway if you feel sadness and loss of interest most of the time, we encourage you to visit a professional! Traditional treatment with psychological counseling and medications are very effective.

We are going to speak about alternative treatment, which can be used in addition to your traditional treatment with a doctor or on its own to improve your mood and concentration.

So, how can crafting better your mood?

So, if you experience bad mood, try doing something creative:

  • Color a book
  • Paint a picture
  • Draw a gift card
  • Bake some cookies
  • Get busy with embroidery
  • Knit a scarf (it is easy)

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And here are the reasons why you should (try some of the above-mentioned things):

DIY reduces anxiety

Very often anxiety and depression go together. Art and crafting acts as meditation practice, helps concentration and relaxation. A person doing repetitive, slow actions like knitting, beading or embroidering somehow let go of the world distractions and problems.

DIY practice improves your mood

Creativity allows people to change their views on life. It further helps them turn negative feelings and emotions into positive ones. Draw and paint your life or current situation. Look at the result and try to reflect. Draw or paint your most happy day. Reflect.

Start practicing something you have never done before (but maybe always wanted to): knitting, sewing, baking cakes or playing some instrument! Developing your skills will definetely improve your mood as you progress.

DIY increases happiness

People who suffer from depression lack in dopamine, which is associated with the reward center in your brain. Moreover, it provides feelings of enjoyment. So, practicing DIY is a nonmedicinal way to receive dopamine.

Get Social!

Or even better join some creative group to do something together with other people. This way you may as well get some friends! Make some time daily to do something relaxing and rewarding!

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