Eating Habits for Better Health

Eating Habits for Better Health

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Do you feel a bit anxious and powerless? Do you find your reflection in the mirror less attractive than before? Changing your lifestyle and altering your eating habits may help you change this situation!

This years has been rough and unpredictable. It still is. But there is something we can do. We can reflect on our everyday routine, try something new and listen to our body. Believe me, you are going to feel the change in no time.

Let’s start with few simple questions.

  1. Do you drink enough of water? Not coffee, tea, orange juice or soda. Just simple water? Make sure to include at least about 2 liters of wanter on top of your other drinks (and well, start drinking less other things!).
  2. Do you sleep enough? It is necessary to sleep not less than 7 hours for better skin, mood and overall well-being. It is proved that lack of sleep can influence your weight. If you experience problems, think about changing your mattress, doing some yoga or meditation or take some supplements (you can find some natural sleep aids at Ora Organic).
  3. Are you active? Before going into the healthy eating habits to change your life, we have to mention, that one of the golden rules is decent activity level! It doesn’t mean you have to do cardio every day. Listen to your body. Longer walks work great! Do some stretched (especially if you live a sedentary lifestyle). Later try to include jogging, strength routine or more intense yoga.

And finally let us talk about food! What can you change to make your eating healthier and your feeling happier?

  • Try to include more vegetables and fruit into your everyday meals.

We need about 3 portions of veggies and 2 portions of fruit everyday (ideally). Consider eating them raw (make a salad) as it is much better for your digestion! Vegetables and fruit are difficult to keep fresh for a long time and it is quite a pain in the neck to do shopping every other day. But these days it is much easier and cheaper to get fresh veggies and fruit delivered to you, see Farm Box for that! They also offer you a credit, if you tell your friends about their service 🙂

  • Do you have no self control?

What about clearing your house of all the possible food and just eating the healthy meals delivered to your according to the plan? There is a great UK service Balance Meals providing meals for your needs weekly!

Do you live somewhere around New York, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, Baltimore, Boston, and the surrounding areas? You are lucky to be able to order from Mosaic Food. They only deliver to the area not too far from their kitchen. You can choose 9 or 12 meals per weak (or every 2-3 weeks) and a meal can cost as low as 7 USD!

Do not fancy any commitment? Here is a great US service Top Chef Meals delivering amazing food as your order! The best thing is that they offer a wide range of different diets to choose from! Keto, Paleo, Gluten Free and so on.

  • Make it a ritual!

Enjoy eating and enjoy cooking! That is the next step of accepting food as not simply a product to eat, but also an “activity”. Make it a family event! Choose an exotic dish and experiment together. Get inspired by SNUK, they offer global and rare ingredients. They also have a nice blog with great recipes!

  • Do not torture yourself!

Saying “No” makes you sad. It is difficult to change your life immediately. What you need to do is to gradually transform yourself. If you used to eat a lot of sweets and pastries, do not deprive yourself of this pleasure. See our previous tip, and make a whole festival our of it! Check Foodstirs for some baking ideas and great high-quality ingredients, cook together with your friends or children. Do not forget to share 🙂

  • Care about others!

Do you need some help being more active? Care more about others! Go volunteering or get a pet! Dogs need to be walked with and this way you will be forced to be much more active!

Do not forget your pets should eat healthy. At Barking Heads UK they offer discounts for a subscription 🙂


We hope you found these tips useful. Soon we will post some content on the best diets for happy and healthy life. Stay tuned.

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