How to deal with hair loss: three easy steps

How to deal with hair loss: three easy steps

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The problem of hair loss affects most people on the planet.

About 80% of men suffer from it to one degree or another.

Like everything in the body, the hair and scalp are constantly renewed. Not all hair loss can be considered a pathology or a problem. Normally, we lose about 120 hairs a day every day. This occurs when combing, washing, during sleep – when the head rubs against the pillow, and just during the day.  When the number of lost hairs becomes noticeably higher, we have to talk about a pathological loss, which can be a wake-up call and a manifestation of various disorders in the body and diseases. 

Diagnostics is the first step towards solving the problem.

To understand how to stop male pattern baldness, it is necessary to clearly define what type of alopecia we are dealing with and what is the reason for this process. Therefore, you need to consult a doctor who will conduct an examination and prescribe a set of diagnostic measures such as:

  • Analysis of the level of thyroid hormones in the peripheral blood.
  • General blood analysis.
  • Biochemical blood test.
  • Ferritin level blood test.

We strongly recommend consulting a specialist if you see the signs. However, there are some easy ways to postpone hair loss.

Wash you hair correctly

Inappropriate washing can contribute to weakening hair and hair loss. First of all, you should pay attention to the temperature of the water – it should be pleasantly warm, but by no means hot. After applying shampoo and lathering it, you should thoroughly massage the scalp with circular movements of your fingers, this will not only help cleanse it, but also improve blood circulation, which is necessary for healthy hair. The shampoo should be selected according to the type of skin, not hair: if it is oily, you need a shampoo for oily skin, sensitive – soft and preferably without sulfates in the composition (sulfate free). There are also special shampoos for hair loss.

Add special products

The usual shampoo will have to be supplemented with special purpose products. Masks, leave-in sprays and lotions for the scalp, as well as special ampoule concentrates for rubbing in are the main players in this field. To make sure your anti-hair loss product is not just a marketing ploy, check if there are some of the following ingredients: minoxedil and aminexil, biotin, vitamins of group B and vitamin C, caffeine, extracts of nettle, burdock, oats, menthol, camphor, extract of red pepper, ginger and other burning plants.

Go for mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is an almost painless procedure. Multiple microinjections are made into the skin, helping to deliver certain drugs deeper. With the help of mesotherapy, many problems are solved, from dry skin to severe acne. To strengthen the hair and improve the scalp, this procedure will also come in handy, but the injected solution should be selected by the cosmetologist individually, so a visit to a specialist cannot be avoided. 

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