Happy New Year: Fun things to do in January

Happy New Year: Fun things to do in January

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Here we are in 2022.

How can we entertain ourselves this cold season?

Here are some of the ideas you can borrow.

Stay Home

Relax and sleep more. The season is perfect for lying under your warm blanket, drinking hot tea and spending time with someone you love watching movies together. If you can, of course!

Go Shopping

After New Year many shops drop the prices as the gifts are bought and the business has to continue.

Even though we indeed have already spent much money on the presents for our dearest ones, now it is the best time for pampering ourselves with some reasonably priced items.

Make homemade cacao or hot chocolate

Get some marshmallows, warm up the milk and a cinnamon stick and cacao powder mixed with sugar. Is it too difficult? Life hack: warm up a cup of milk and place there several pieces of your favorite chocolate. Mix well. It is super easy and delicious!

Practice winter sports

Go out and snowboard, ski or practice ice-skating. Not interesting? Try something unusual. How about ice fishing, snowshoe hiking or dog sledding?

Knit a scarf, a hat or a sweater

This activity is very meditative and it helps fighting anxiety and stress. Moreover, you will create a practical thing for yourself, a friend or a family member.

Have a theme party

Throw a pajama party or a game night. Gather with your friends or family, play games, watch a movie or cook together.

Organize your closet

It feels rewarding to donate clothes and other things you don’t need anymore. Most of us do have too many clothes, so ask yourself: “does it bring me joy?”. If not, consider getting rid of it (and purchasing something that will please you).

Create your 2022 Bucket List

The main activity and the most inspiring. Setting goals for the next year will provide you with something to look forward to and motivate you to be a bit more active.

What are your favorite activities?

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