Ideas for those who are not up to love on Valentine’s Day

Ideas for those who are not up to love on Valentine’s Day

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Many businesses decide to take care of those who have been heartbroken or who are not happy with the relationship.

Valentine’s Day can be a pleasant holiday for those who have someone to exchange hearts with at a romantic dinner. However, for people suffering from loneliness, all sorts of incentives for buying gifts in stores are an extra and sad reminder that they have to love their own cat, and even a cat does not love you back.

However, there is also someone to take care of people with a broken heart: from year to year, restaurants and entertainment establishments figure out how to please the lonely, divorced, just parted, disappointed in love and not believing in miracles.

At the zoo in El Paso, Texas, they came up with an idea that became extraordinary popular. They announced that on February 14, everyone will have the opportunity to give the name for the cockroaches, which after that will be fed to the meerkats. The organizer of the action, Sarah Borrego, then explained to the BBC that she sees this action as a good opportunity to finally heal a broken heart.

The success of the zoo in El Paso decided to repeat in San Antonio, located in the same Texas. True, they went even further and suggested giving names not only to cockroaches, but also to rats, which would then go to feed the reptiles.

It is not free: for giving a name to a cockroach, they ask for $5, a rat will cost more – $25. In order to take part in the event, it was necessary to register on the site and receive a certificate – and on February 14, the abandoned beloved will have to follow live on Facebook how cockroaches and rats with the names of their exes are eaten by the animals of the San Antonio Zoo.

This year in this Texas city in general, there are many actions in support of people whose relationships collapsed last year. Bars and restaurants are throwing an Anti-Valentine Day, and the local bowling alley is offering to bring in a photo of an ex and shred it.

Anti-Valentine’s Cards

While a some of the anti-Valentine’s Day cards celebrate being single most are aimed at couples who avoid stereotypical declarations of love. Here are a few examples:

Silly Sentiments

Our favorite items from this shop is the Wednesday’s card. However, the Valentine’s Day is going to happen on Tuesday this year.

There are as well other things to buy whether you love or hate this holiday:

You are welcome to buy those unique items.

Or you can just browse for more outstanding ideas and create your own original art for your lover or bff.

There are many decent stores to buy from:


Everything you need for paper craft is here đŸ™‚ Stamps and hand-made paper are our favorite!

Valentine’s Boxes

Make a hilarious and unique gift box or just send a tiny gift in a matchbox.


Arrange the box by yourself or just get some cool presents (or ready-to-send boxes) here at Postboxed. What a great idea!

Another great idea to buy a sort of game (you can even meet up with your single friends and have fun if you are single this year).


This website is a great source of fun games and souvenirs:



Usually you get some chocolates for V day, right? How about chocolates in the form of buttholes?


For those who reside in EU yummy bums are available at CoolGifts.

If this is too extreme for an anti-valentine present, get a pillow imitating a boyfriend’s arm!

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