Making our world a better place

Making our world a better place

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We can always do small things that count

These days are very tense and difficult to comprehend. Our world order seems to be very fragile and it breaks so suddenly and easily. We would like to stay away from discussing politics. However, we should not ignore that fact that people are suffering greatly, they are starving, they are stressed, they are dying.

Somehow, it makes us think about all the misfortunes there are in our not perfect world. The only thing we can and must do is to set an example for others and try our best to make the world just a tiny bit better every day. Small acts of kindness counts too!

Start with yourself (and your home)

Be kind to yourself. For a moment just looks around and ask yourself:

Do I feel happy? Are there any realistic things I could do RIGHT NOW to make me feel calmer/better?

Take a bath (or a shower), relax, drink some tea. Clean up your house or apartment, put all the things back in place. Order at home is one of the best ways to get rid of the chaos in your soul. Devote this evening just for yourself, watch your favorite movie, play a computer game, listen to music, draw or read a book.

Bond with your close ones

Your social capital might be the most important during these hard times. Check on your friends and family. How about inviting some of them to a dinner? Talk face to face if you have a chance. We really don’t communicate as much as we did years ago.

Be kind to your neighbor

Start with small acts of kindness. It is scientifically proved that when we do something nice to other people, we feel much better about ourselves. In some way it is a meaning of our lives. There are some simple things like giving a sandwich to a local homeless person or feeding a stray cat.


Another way to feel needed and helpful on a world scale is to give money to a particular charity. This way if you worry about the war happening in another part of the world, you could donate your funds specifically to help refugees. If you care about the climate change, you could send money to an environmental initiative saving animals.

Here are several charity organizations we love (but you are welcome to find your favorite fund which deals with the problem that worries you):


This organization works with partners from 67 different countries around the globe. Last year it helped around 12 million people fight poverty. They have multiple projects from providing clean water to helping refugees fleeing from Ukraine.

America’s National Parks

Do you love nature? You can support a local initiative to┬ápreserve America’s public lands for future generations. By the way this donation is tax-deductible.

Greater Good

We are eager to donate for the simple cause: people, pets, planet. That is the motto of GreaterGood initiative. On this website you can shop to give, just give or sign a petition. Why not doing all of the above?


A charity that saves pets in particular. You can shop, donate and volunteer with them. Moreover, they educate owners and provide veterinary help for those who need it. What is more, if you decided to free up some space at home, consider donating pre-loved items, including homeware, clothes, DVDs, and even furniture in some shops.


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